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School Dance

Have you ever been to a school dance and you could barely hear the music, or maybe the DJ placed his lights on the table? Better yet did the DJ make corny comments on the microphone when he would play songs from 2012? 

Not going to happen with Beau...

Beau only offers top of the line concert grade professional sound and lighting for all of his school dances. All of his lighting packages will include truss lighting and programmed light shows to make for an amazing dance experience.  All music are clean edits and he is also sure to keep talking on the mic to a minimum. All of his music is current and is mixed just as if you were in a club!

Schools Beau has provided DJ service for:

  • Folsom High School 

  • West Campus High School 

  • Elk Grove High School 

  • Christian Brothers High School 

  • Bradshaw Christian High School 

  • Del Oro High School

  • St. Francis High School

  • River City High School 

  • St. John Notre Dame Elementary School 

  • Holy Family Elementary School 

  • St James Elementary School 

  • Vision in Education School 

Pictures From School Dances

Snapchat/Instagram Story Videos 

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